The Fantasy at sea from the air (Carnival Picture)

The First Day

We got onboard around noon and proceeded to the Lido Deck for Lunch.  Since it was our first cruise, this was quite an experience for us.  Some sights along the way:

We entered the ship by way of the Empress Deck and the first look at the Atrium was very impressive:

 The top of the main atrium, looking upLooking down on the Atrium from the topLooking across the Atrium


We went to the Lido Deck which contained several food areas and the pool for the ship.

Ellen by the main Pool on the Lido DeckThe Grill on the Lido DeckThe entrance to the Windows on the Sea RestruantEllen making a last minute phone call in the Windows on the Sea RestruantStill talkingThis is the reason for the name - Windows on the Sea

The Deli in the Windows on the Sea - Pizza available 24 hours a dayOne of the buffet lines at the Windows on the SeaView of the harbor at Port Canerval. Two other ships in port. Disney and Royal Carib

After lunch, we started down below to our stateroom.  We asked a crewmember and she directed us to the room without mishap. One of the nice features that Carnival offers is the ability to order things and have them delivered to the room or other places on the ship. As a surprise, I had a cake and two sweatshirts waiting for us on the ship.  Here is what we saw.

This is our stateroom door. We were on the Upper Deck, amidship. Just inside the door was a small walk in closet. There was plenty of room for our stuff since it was a 4 day cruise.This was the other side of the closet. It had drawers and a safe.The bath had a large sink area and a whirlpool bathtub. Took forever to fill but was nice to soak.Just past the bathroom was the bed. A really huge king size that according to the flyer in the room, could be ordered from the company.View from the bed area to the sitting area. It was really nice and lots of room.Another view of the sitting area.  There were two leather chairs with a table between them.This was the tv area with a bar, fridge and the dressing table with mirrors.Another view of the bar area with the door open. You can see the collection of glassesView of the vanity and mirrorAs a supprise I had ordered a cake for us to be delivered to the room when we arrived. There was also two sweatshirts. She was supprised.

And then there was the balcony. It was a fairly large area with two chairs, a table and a lounge. We spent a lot of time out on the balcony watching the ocean and sky. Sometimes other ships would pass.

The BalconyThe BalconyThe BalconyThe Balcony

We got underway around 4:30 and headed out to sea.  One of the most important things was the abandon ship drill.

Ellen trying to get the floatation device on.Not very stylish or comfortable but it does fit.Me trying to look cool

Some shots of leaving Port Canaveral shot from the balcony. The ship does not have a traditional propeller but instead, has movable electric motors that can be turned in different directions to move the ship. We did not need tug boats to get underway or to pull into port.  Most newer ships have this system of propulsion.

Getting underwayYou can see the water churned up from the motorsAnother ship in port from Royal Carib.Along the way, headed out to see.Pelican flying next to the ship

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